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In the great commission Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations. The Greek word disciple means to teach. It also means to follow precepts and instructions. What Jesus was telling us, was go and teach the nations how to follow my precepts and instructions. This command will play out differently in peoples lives. For me this is how the Lord has led me to carry out those instructions. The purpose of this blog is to teach men and women how to walk with God. Many times we get people born again and we stop there. We are doing them a disservice because somebody has to teach these new born again babies how to walk spiritually. All the teachings we have here in this blog are designed to teach young and mature believers and how to grow in Christ.


This is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping underprivileged high school students in Kenya. High school education in Kenya is not free; 90% of the schools are boarding which means tuition plus room and board is high. This proves difficult to some families due to the fact that most Kenyans live on less than a dollar a day. With tuition being high for families to afford, most parents watch helplessly as their children are forced to drop out of school; really smart and talented students drop out of school. Charles Musyoka Matuku foundation was formed to give hope to some of the parents and children. It’s there to lend a hand in helping parents pay for tuition plus room and board. The foundation has become a ray of hope and stability that the parents have come to look to and students to depend on.

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