My name is Emmanuel Mutui. I was born and raised in Kenya and moved to the United States in 2009. I moved here with my Step-dad, mother, and sister. We lived in Cincinnati for 8 years till I moved to Colorado Springs.

The purpose of me creating this blog is to fulfill the call that God placed on my life. I found out about my call when I was 6 years old. The way I found out about the call is very intriguing. There was this girl that I liked, and I was planning on asking her to be my girlfriend. As I was pondering about this, the Holy Spirit spoke in a very loud and distinct manner. He said, “Don’t ask her out she will derail your future.” I was so surprised, but I listened and heeded His advice.

As I grew up, I started drifting away from His plan of me going into ministry. I even wanted to be an astronaut for a time because I wasn’t too excited about going into the ministry. I remember my senior year in High school the Holy Spirit very vividly told me that He wanted me to go to bible school. I respectful declined His offer and decided to go to a university. I even majored in IT Management, thinking this was going to prove to God that He made a mistake and preaching was not really what I should be doing. All this running from the call stopped my senior in college when I had an encounter with God and submitted myself to His call. This submission is what led me to move to Colorado Springs and attend Charis Bible College.

Since I submitted to the call in January 15, 2016, the Lord has given me a clear picture of my assignment. This blog, my Facebook page, and my YouTube page are the three current methods I am using to accomplish my assignment. The vision God has given is to bring the true revelation of God to my generation. 

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