Flowing With God

John 15:5, ““I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

            Flowing with God is something that we all desire as believers. We want to be one with Him. The above verse tells us that is Jesus’ desire as well. He wants us to be one with Him. The truth is that we are already one with Him. The issue is always making that truth our daily reality.

            Life always seems to distract us from abiding with Him. That is why we must prioritize setting aside time to spend with Him. From these moments, as we get deeper with Him, that closeness will bleed into our daily routine. The goal that God has for us, is for us to do life with Him. That means when we encounter a problem at work, school or with friends, we turn to Him for counsel and walk with Him through the situation.

            Another goal of God is that He wants to enjoy the good times with us. Many times, we only run to Him when we are in trouble. We sometimes see Him as our insurance policy. We all have done that, but as we get to be intimate with Him, He desires to be there not only during the bad times but also the good to great times.

            Flowing with God is abiding with Him. The Lord gave me a great definition for abiding with Him a long time ago. It means to be conscious of. Being conscious of Him in our daily life. The more you are conscious of Him, the more you include Him in your life. From there, prayer begins to be a lifestyle (Read this article where I talk about what prayer is).

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