God’s Sovereignty vs Our will

            This is one of the most hotly debated topics in the Christian world. Since the birth of the Bible as we know it today, scholars and ministers have studied and debated this topic non-stop. I am not a scholar or theologian, so I will not be giving you biblical facts to explain either side. But what I will do I will give you a different perspective based on my biblical studies and walk with the Lord.

            If you carefully study the scriptures, you will see these two truths represented. For the longest time I and many other people have seen these two truths as two opposing forces. You must be on either end of the spectrum. The truth is they both work together. I do not know how and where they intersect, but they do intersect. There are somethings that God initiates and does, but there are also somethings that we must do to participate in what He is doing.

That is why it is important to walk with Holy Spirit. When we walk with Him, He will guide us and lead us into the perfect balance. Remember in the Old Testament when King Jehoshaphat prayed unto God. God told him to stand and see God come through with the victory for him. Then there are some other times that God will instruct the king to go out and fight. I liken that to God’s sovereignty versus our will. There are somethings God does on His own, but there are somethings that He requires us to partner with Him and do.

This is a quite simple explanation which I hope goes a long way in helping settle this debate in your heart. But the truth though is only Holy Spirit can settle this debate for you.

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