Fellowship with God

            We were created to fellowship with God. In the garden of Eden, that is what Adam did with the Lord. Since the fall, that is what God has been trying to repair. While Jesus was on earth, He modeled how to fellowship with God. The key to His success was His time in prayer. There are couple of instances in the scriptures where Jesus prayed all night. The question to ask now is what is prayer?

            Praying is not giving God a list of our needs and wants. When Jesus was praying all night, He was not telling God what He needs and wants. What He was doing, was communing. Remember in Matthew 6:25-35, Jesus tells us not to be concerned about our needs but seek God first and He will take care of us. Also in John 15:7, Jesus tells us that if we abide in Him and His words abide in us, we can ask the Father anything and He will give it to us. The point I am trying to make is that when we are praying, we do not need to ask God to meet our needs because He already told us He will take care of us. That is why the verse in John is important because when we have the word in us, we would know that God will meet our needs.

            So, what should our prayer life look like? The first part of John 15 tells us. Abide in Him. Another word we can use is commune. Communing or abiding with God is a very intimate act where we wait on the Lord. We wait because we must silence the soul. The soul can be our biggest hindrance in communing with God. The soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. All the 3 parts of the soul can at anytime cause us to lose focus. That is why we must wait.

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