Walking By Faith

            Walking by faith is a decision to die to yourself. Denying yourself is telling your senses to chill and submit to God. You cannot successfully walk by faith with your soul on the wheel. Emotions are the first thing that needs to be dealt with. After that, listening to God’s voice becomes the priority. The reason for this is you to know what God wants you to believe Him for and how to walk it out. Remember Abraham, looked for a city whose builder is God (Hebrews 11:10). The only way He could have found this city is by the Lord telling Him.

            This brings us to staying in God’s rest. In his rest, you know where God is taking you, sometimes you know how He will get you there, and you know that He will provide for you. You might not necessarily know how He will provide, but you know that He will provide for you. The goal of walking by faith is staying in His rest.

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