We all know the story of Moses and the burning bush found in Exodus three. Moses sees this supernatural activity and is drawn to it and in that moment has an encounter with God. From this encounter God sends Moses back to Egypt. Moses ask God what His name is, and God tells him the famous answer that we all know today, I AM WHO I AM.    This is such a powerful statement that encapsulates everything we need to know about God. Before I start talking about His name, let me first talk about the importance of our names.

            Reading through the bible and studying African and Eastern cultures, one thing they have in common is how they name their children. When naming children, you are giving them an identity. A good example is Abraham. God changed his name from Abram to Abraham. Abram means exalted father, while Abraham means a father of many nations. God gave him a new name because He changed his identity and destiny.

            God telling Moses, I AM WHO I AM, He is means I AM whatever I need to be. To the children of Israel at that time He would become their savior. Later in the wilderness, He became provider and healer. To us today, He is whatever we need Him to be at the time. Right now, in my life He is my navigator. Navigating me through these strange times we are in today. What is He to you?

            One thing about the children of Israel was that they did not let Him be whatever they needed Him to be. We do the same thing today. We do not want to submit to Him. God can be ready to provide for us, but if we do not accept it, we will miss it all completely. For us to completely benefit from having a good God, we must be willing and ready to submit to Him.

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