Seasons of Life

            We all know the verses in Ecclesiastes 3 that tell us there is a time for everything. All through the bible you will find the Lord teaching us how He moves in seasons. One of the qualities of a mature believer is recognizing the different seasons they are in. Knowing what season in life you are in will help you determine how you approach life and God. Today I will talk about two seasons. They are the Moses Season, and Joshua Season.

            The Moses season is a cool season. I am only referring to Moses time in the wilderness with the children of Israel. This is the season where it is you and God. In this season God will take you deep into the spiritual life. He will reveal to you many things about Himself and teach you who you are in Him. Even when the battles come you will not be involved; God will fight those battles for you. Remember Joshua used to do the fighting and Moses would go to the top of the mountain and lift his staff. This season is necessary to prepare you for the next season in life.

            The next season that follows this amazing season is what I call the Joshua season. This is the season of fighting and claiming what God has given you. The Israelites had an opportunity to go into this season under Moses and they failed because they did not know God. The only way to successfully conquer the Joshua season is by truly being grounded in God in the previous season. The book of Joshua details this season very well. It is the season where we go and take possession of what is ours. At the end of the book of Joshua we see the people did not fully take possession of the land. They got distracted or tired of the fighting. The mistake that many make in this season is forget their foundation and begin depending on themselves to do what God told them to do.

            Right now, I am in the Joshua season and the one thing that the Lord is emphasizing to me is that I must let Him prepare the path first before I start walking. The importance of the Moses season is to be a relationship with the Lord so that when you begin the Joshua season, God does not leave you behind, or you run in front of God.             In all the seasons of life, the one consistent factor is our relationship with God. That will determine how successful our lives will be.

Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

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