Be Who God Created You To Be

The two biggest challenges in life are finding out your identity and living out your identity. This is tough because of the many influences we have in life. As a kid you want to be like your heroes, as a teen you want to be like the cool kids, and as an adult you either want to be a combination of your heroes and cool kids or you entirely give up and just exist. Existing is the worst thing a person can do because you stop trying to be who you are. Existing is amazingly easy because there are so many distractions in our lives.

            The reason many people give up on finding out their identity is because it requires you to look at yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself. It is a coming to terms with yourself. There is nothing external that will help know who you are. This is an internal quest that only you can take. The best part about this quest is that you are not alone. Holy Spirit will be with you in your quest. As Holy Spirit leads you to find yourself, the next challenge is living it out.

            Living out who you are requires faith. Not just faith in God and the word, but faith in who you are. You can believe God created you and gave you a unique identity, but if you do not believe in that identity then you will not be able to walk it out. This is a lifelong process. It is a process that coincides with your walk with God. Only He can lead you to know who you are and give you the confidence needed to walk it out.

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