Samson’s Demise

Samson is one of the most enigmatic persons in the Bible. There are only a few people in the Bible that their births were predicted by God or His Holy angels. Samson is one and the other three are Isaac, John the Baptist, and Jesus. The other three accomplished and lived like God wanted them to live except Samson. Samson judged Israel and there was peace in the land, but He did not live the Holy Life like God intended.

            When we think of Samson’s Demise we immediately think of Delilah, but that is not the case. Delilah simply exploited his major flaw. His major flaw was his sight. He saw what he liked, and he went for it. He picked and choose what he liked about his Nazarene vow (Numbers 6:10-21). He only obeyed the command of that no razor shall touch his head. The three women in his life were women he liked when he saw them. The first thing the Philistines did when they captured him was to remove his eyesight. This led him to be humble and run to God. When he died in the temple, he killed more in that night than he did his entire life.

            Samson’s life reminds us of one thing. Serving God includes more than your calling. It involves every area of your life.

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