Godly Successions

Successors are a blessing from God. They are a blessing because they will carry on legacies into their generation. The story of King David and King Solomon is a unique one. Solomon was the chosen heir to the great kingdom of Israel even though his conception was amid sin and chaos. God gave him the throne even though he wasn’t the right one according to Jewish Law and tradition. The oldest one was supposed to inherit the Kingdom and become King. Then why did God give Solomon the Kingdom.

            In choosing a successor we must go beyond the outward appearance. We must look at the heart of the person and see whether they are humble and appreciate what is being handed to them. In my opinion, inheriting a successful company is just as hard as start it from scratch. Of course, the challenges are different, but the tasks are equally hard. The hardest thing is the comparison. The comparison between the founder and the inheritor. King David and King Solomon are two very different individuals. David was a warrior, and Solomon was a lover. Remember Solomon didn’t start worshipping other gods until his later years. Most of his reign as king he was true to the one true God. For a successor to be successful, they must be true to who they are. They can’t try to compare themselves to the former leader.

            Another example of successors is Moses and Joshua. These two were so different but necessary in their seasons in charge. Moses was very necessary in the wilderness because they needed someone who was intimate with Lord to lead them. When they took the promised land, they needed a warrior to help them win those victories. Joshua could never attain the same level of respect and admiration that Moses got. He had to be his own man.

            The successors we choose, they must be able to stand on their own and not try to act like the former leaders. That is why it is necessary to let Holy Spirit lead that appointment. Remember what God said to Samuel, man looks on the outward appearance, but I (God) looks upon the heart. We can never truly know what is in a person’s heart, but God does. That is why we let God choose for us.

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