Living an Expecting Life

Now faith is the evidence of things hoped for the substance of things not seen. This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible, God tells us to step out and believe what we don’t see. Reading through the whole Bible, faith comes up a lot. What God wants us to do every time He tells us about faith is to step out and believe Him. Walking the life of faith is walking expecting what God said will happen will come to pass. Remember Joshua when he was battling, he believed so much that he commanded the sun to stop, that is living an expecting life. That is the life that God wants us to live. The life of believing the unbelievable and expecting the unexpected.

            Look at Jesus’ life and you see how He lived an expectant life. He lived expecting every word that He said will come to pass. When the Lord was telling me about living this life and just teaching me what it all entails, He gave me this example. He told me there are two ways of living life, you can either live an average life or the life of faith. The average life is affected by the surroundings. You live responding to life. You always responding to something that happens. Something bad happens I must respond this way. I must do this, you always responding you never dictating your life. The life of faith though you dictate your life you decree a thing and it shall be, that’s what Job says. The life of faith dictates everything that goes around it, that does not mean that nothing bad won’t happen, but that means when it does happen to you, your response is not out of desperation, it’s based on the word of God.

            God is a perfect example for this. In the beginning when darkness was on the earth, God responded in faith to His surroundings. The surroundings did not dictate His living. What I’m trying to say is this, when we live the life of faith, we speak the promises of God in our lives and expect that to happen. When the bad things happen, we don’t change we don’t go back we keep moving forward in our belief and expectation of the blessings of God to happen in our lives. We live our life dictated by God’s word. That is living an expectant life.

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