A Day in a Christian Life

Go into the world and preach the gospel to all the people and all the nations. In my name you shall heal their sick, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons. These are the last words from Jesus before he went to heaven. This is the expectation for us believers; to live a life like Christ. Remember in John, He said we shall do greater works than these. Now people have debated over the centuries what are the greater works. Let’s first start with the works that He’s done and then proceed to the greater works. The funny thing is we’re so focused on the miracles and all the fluff that comes with it and we miss the most important thing. The most important thing is this, I am your God and you will be my people; I am your father and you will be my child.

            That’s what God expects of us. He expects us to be His sons and daughters, He expects us to let him be our God, but we end up forgetting. Life is too busy, there’s so many things that go on. It’s very easy to get caught up in life and that is part of the enemy’s tactic. To make you focus on other things and forget about God. A day in the life of a Christian, is a day of a lot of battles some physical battles some emotional some spiritual. There’s no time to rest or relax because you have an adversary out there that does not rest, he’s always on you. I don’t want you to feel heavy laden or burdened but that’s just a fact. But, remember what the Bible said, greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.

            We have a greater one living in us, we have the answer to all the devil’s problems and all the devil’s attacks, and His name is Holy Spirit. A day in the life of a believer, a successful day in the life of a believer, is a day that lives dependent on Holy Spirit. Because, He’s the one that will teach you how to fight. He’s the one that will teach you what you need to change. See, the enemy’s best tactic is to exploit our heart’s weaknesses. The most effective way to fight him is deal with our hearts. We do that by opening our hearts before Holy Spirit and let him have access to our hearts. To our deep secrets, to our shame, and to the things that we don’t want the world to know. That’s what we must give Him access to. That is the only way we can live a successful Christian life.

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