Is God waiting for us or is He waiting on us?

‘I’m waiting on God.’ This is one of the most used statements in the Christian vocabulary. I have always wondered the validity of that statement. As I was talking to God about it, He asked me this, “Who has been around longer?” The obvious answer was Him. Then He said that He has been waiting for us since eternity past. That commented kind of shook me. Even though I knew He has been around for that long, I was still shocked by His statement. With the question of who waits on whom settled I began to think about what that statement means.

            Generally, when we use that statement, we mean that there is something that we are waiting on God to do so we can have it. Duh!! The classic example is Abraham and how he waited 25 years before he got what God promised him. When I was talking to the Lord about it, He told me that I was looking at it through the wrong perspective. He said that He was waiting for Abraham for 25 years to finally trust Him and depend on Him. It took Abraham 25 years to get to the faith described in Romans 4:18, “…who, contrary to hope, in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations, according to what was spoken, “So shall your descendants be.”” By this point Abraham had seen God come through for Him in so many ways. He had walked with God for 25 years. The moment Abraham had faith in God things began to move.

            That is the same for our lives, God is waiting on us to be mature enough to be able to handle whatever it is that He wants to give us. Saul is the perfect example of someone getting something that he wasn’t ready to receive. When Saul became king, he saw himself as someone from the smallest tribe and there was no way someone like him could led the people. Instead of running to God and have confidence in God, he looked to the people for validation. This is what cost him his throne. In our ‘waiting’ period, that is the time we must let Holy Spirit, our teacher, lead us and get us ready for whatever it is we are seeking. When we are ready to receive whatever we are believing God, God will bring to pass the thing that we are believing.

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