When we are downcast

Oh, this life. In the context of eternity this life isn’t that much but there are times and seasons where this life feels like eternity. The good times always rush by, but the bad times always seem to last forever. It is these moments that we appreciate Holy Spirit. I heard a preacher once state that if you have not gone through a tough season you haven’t lived yet. At the time I was in high school and I was thinking that he was crazy. But now having gone through my self-induced hardship I understand what he meant.

Hardships come and go but the worst ones are the ones we bring on ourselves. When we cause a hardship, it forces you to investigate yourself and be honest with yourself. Self-examination is the hardest thing because usually you must admit that you were in the wrong. It is at this point that our egos are usually bruised. In these moments, we truly appreciate the statements that Jesus made about the importance of Holy Spirit. Jesus said it is necessary that He leave so that Holy Spirit can come and dwell with us. When we are downcast and in the dark. When all we want to do is just hide from the world because you messed up. Holy Spirit will come alongside you and just whisper the exact thing that you need to get out of that dark place.

The thing about Holy Spirit, He will love you in your darkness and tell you the truth in doses as He moves you from darkness to light. Thank God for His Holy Spirit. If you are going through your hardship right now, be of good cheer because you have God the Holy Spirit with you.

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