The Altar

            In Romans 12:2, Paul tells us to present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable which is our reasonable service. This is what is required from by God. Salvation came at a price. The price was the death of Jesus. For us to enjoy the benefits of salvation, we must meet Jesus at the cross. We did not become born again so we can avoid hell. We were born again so that we can be reunited with God our Father. This union becomes our motivation and reference point. Because I’m in Christ and Christ is in me, I give, I love everybody etc. Now that term born again, it implies starting a fresh. Whatever happened in my past is gone and now I’m starting a fresh.

            In John 4:14, Jesus tells us that His water will be like a well of living water spring up into everlasting life. This is the fresh start that we get from being born again. The waters of Jesus wash us and present us new, then we let God the Holy Spirit lead us into all truths. All these things happen within us, and they are manifested through our bodies. That is why God wants us to present our bodies a living sacrifice.

            In 1 Corinthians 9:27, Paul tells us that he keeps his body under subjection. That is what it means to present your body a living sacrifice. We keep our body under subjection to our spirit which is influenced by Holy Spirit. Many times, when we see or hear of the altar, we think of death. But it doesn’t end there, death for us believers is only a starting point. After the altar comes the life in Christ. But the life in Christ cannot be enjoyed without first going through the altar of sacrifice.

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