Hallway Season

In life we all go through many different seasons. In Genesis 8:22 and in Ecclesiastes, we learn there is a time for everything. Time for change, a time for progress, a time for calmness and a time of transition. This is the stage where I find myself and I know many of you have gone through this stage. I personally don’t like this stage because I feel like I have all this energy, but I can’t spend it yet. Yet whether I like it or not this is a necessary period for all of us to go through. I call this season, the hallway season. The hallway is only a path to your next destination, but it is never your destination. Cool things might happen in the hallway, but you won’t stay there.

            The hallway comes with its dangers. There are no responsibilities in the hallway. It is a time to catch up with your workmates, or just relax. Nothing significant is established in there. Even if you come up a great idea you won’t stay in the hallway to discover it, you will go to the office. The scary thing about it, is that some of us might end up staying in the there.

            Don’t get me wrong hallways are very important. You can’t have a building without them. They take you to the next destination. When you are passing through them, they present you with excitement. The excitement could be good or bad, but it’s excitement none the less.

            In proverbs we learn, where there is no vision, the people perish. You can easily perish in this transitional season if you don’t have a destination or vision for your life.

2 thoughts on “Hallway Season

  1. Noemie'Anne

    Just want to share that I had read that post the week I was very discouraged about my future. I had taken the decision to take an old job, to meet with old friends, and reading that post I realised I was going backward. I decided to accept God’s love for me, and forgiveness for things I did wrong, accepting that His blessings have nothing to do with what I have done or who I was in the flesh. I started praising God for the amazing things he was going to give me and I cancelled my request for the old job. Then 2 days later, I had a job interview in a great place, was hired the next day, found an awesome house, blessings after blessings, 2mn from the work place, next village from my family, and when I start working, I realise a co-worker is Christian ( which is simply a miracle here). Found out that there are christians in villages around me. After 3 weeks the boss is giving me more and more responsibilities, trusting me, I have God’s favor over me, as I am the only one that the boss really likes my job. I didn’t have to buy any furniture for the house as several people were moving out and gave me everything I needed. Every day is a blessing when we start thinking like we are God’s children no matter what.
    So, thanks for that post, it made me change my thinking and starting walking into God’s abundance for me.

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