Word of the Day

Word of the day

In Joshua 5:9, God makes an incredible statement, “….“Today I have rolled off from you the stigma of Egypt.”” (CJB) God made this statement after the children of had crossed the river Jordan and circumcised. The funny thing is that, they had left Egypt 40 yrs ago. What we can learn from this event is before we move into what God has planned for us, we must leave the stigma of our previous life. From this we can learn what are the steps that we need to take to make it into our future. First we must trust God, and second we must circumcise our hearts. The purpose of circumcision in the bible was all about identity. Circumcision identified you with Abraham and the blessing on Abraham. When we circumcise our hearts we identify with God and His blessings. These two actions will result in the stigma of our previous life leaving us.

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