How Jeff Found His Purpose: His Quest continues…

Quest to find purpose

The truth about God’s kingdom weighed heavily on Jeff’s mind two days later after the first Grace discipleship class. It didn’t matter what he did or what he was thinking about, the thought of God’s kingdom was always on his mind. Jeff decided to study for himself this truth about the God’s kingdom instead of going to Kenneth or Benny. He went online and started googling about God’s kingdom. As he was reading all these different articles about the Kingdom of God, he ran into one that completely shocked him. This article claimed that not all Christians are part of the kingdom of God. The article claimed for a Christian to be part of the kingdom of God he/she must prove themselves trust worthy. This terrified Jeff, he kept on reading the article and many other things the writer of the blog had published.

Jeff believed this article and he proceeded to do what the writer advised to do. One of the things the writer claimed was an effective way to make it to heaven was praying at least two times a day. Each prayer time had to be at least one-hour long. There were many things he claimed you had to do and Jeff began doing all those things.

The next morning, he went to work, and he was excited to share with Annie what he had discovered.

“Do you have a minute, I would like to talk to you,” Jeff asked Annie when he walked to her office.

“Yes, sure.”

“So, last night I was looking up different teachings about the kingdom. As I was doing this, I came across this article, and I just fell in love with it. I ended up reading all the teachings by this man of God. It was amazing.”

“What did he say about the kingdom of God?” Annie asked

“The article stated that not all Christians are in the kingdom of God. It stated that in order to be in the kingdom of God, you must earn it.”

“Wait what!!! Are you serious! That sounds like bondage to me!” Annie said.

“What do you mean bondage, you just read the article and you will understand. Nothing is free in this world Annie. You have to work to get things, especially if they are as good as the kingdom of God.” Jeff said as he walked back to his office.

Annie was really concerned about Jeff’s new development, so she called Pastor Kenneth to have a chat with him. As Jeff was walking to his office, Annie’s reaction completely confused him. He didn’t understand what she meant when she said this new teaching is bondage. When he got to the office, he sent Annie the link to the article. As he was doing that he got a call from Kenneth requesting to have lunch with both him and Annie.

Lunch time came and they both headed to meet Kenneth. They met, at their favorite restaurant, Chipotle.

“How you both doing?” Kenneth asked.

“We are doing good,” Annie answered.

“Let’s get straight to the point I have a meeting in two hours and I have to prep for it,” Kenneth continued, “So, Jeff would you like to tell us what happened last night?”

“Why do I have to tell you what happened!” Jeff said, “Now I can’t think for myself or decide what to believe for myself. Do I have to come to you and get your approval for things that I believe?”

“No, that’s not the case.” Annie interjected, “I just wanted you to meet with Kenneth, so that he can make sure that you’re not being deceived.”

“She is right Jeff. The only weapon that the enemy has is deception. If he can deceive you then he got. Especially when you are so young in the faith. I have been a Christian for over forty years, I have read the whole bible over a hundred times. My job as your pastor is to feed you God’s word and to make sure you are not being deceived.” Kenneth said very diplomatically.

“I understand, I’m not used to having people look after me like this. So, since Monday till today, Thursday, the truth about the Kingdom of God has been on my mind and heart. I decided to google the kingdom of God and see what comes up. In that process, I came across this article that stated that not all Christians are in the kingdom of God. For Christians to be in the kingdom of God, they must earn it. They listed a couple things that we must do to earn God’s kingdom.” Jeff concluded.

“Did this article give scripture that backs up this claim?” Kenneth asked

“No, they had a lot of compelling arguments.”

“That’s mistake number one. In your Christian walk, you will come across all kinds of ideology about what the bible says. Some of them will be true, some will be complete heresy……”

“How do we then stay on track and not get deceived?” Annie interrupted to ask Kenneth that question because being deceived has always been her worst fear.

“There is only one way to, let the word of God be your foundation. I want the two of you to start doing these three things. The first thing is I want you to read the bible every day. The second thing is I want you to spend time with the Lord in prayer. The third thing is that I want you to start listening to my old sermons at least twice a week. The goal here is to get you grounded in the word and have a wonderful relationship with the Lord. Now concerning this teaching about the kingdom of God before I tell you what the bible says I want you to go and study it out yourself. Use this standard when you are studying about it. Find two to three scriptures in context that back up whatever it is that you find. Whatever you find must be inline with the bible from Genesis through revelation.” Kenneth said.

“Wow! Okay when do you want us to bring this in?” Jeff asked

“Bring it on Sunday, and we will talk about it after service.

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