How Jeff found his Purpose – Part 7: Jeff finally confesses Him


Jeff and Annie began talking about all that had transpired that day as they walked home from the restaurant.

“So, what do you think on all that was mentioned today? Remember you were supposed to come and make sure that they are not trying to scam me.” Jeff jokingly asked Annie.

“It was great. I am so excited right now, I don’t whether to jump or run. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s grace discipleship. Coming from my background where I could never do enough, this is so freeing. I love it! Knowing the grace of God is going to fill this emptiness that I have had since I was a child is just so…. I don’t even know how to describe what I’m feeling.”

“I guess they didn’t deceive me at all.” Jeff commented.

“No, Jeff! What they have done is spoken truth to us. That truth has liberated me, and I want to learn more about it so that it come become a reality. What about you? What do you think about all they said today?”

“I don’t know Annie. It all sounds good, but I don’t know. I have a lot to think about before I can give you a conclusive answer to that question.”

At this point they had reached Annie’s apartment building. They hugged each other, and Jeff started his way home. On the way to his apartment, this matter weighed heavily on his heart. In one week, he had encountered information that to him seemed so ridiculous and his mind was ready to throw it away, but his heart wasn’t ready to do it.

He got home and went straight to sleep. His goal was to go to sleep and just ignore all these things that have been happening. He did his best to sleep but all he did was toss and turn in the bed. After three hours of this he gave up and decided to wake up and deal with this thing head on.

“Why is this happening to me?” Jeff frustratingly said to himself, “I just want to go to sleep. God if this is you please let me know and tell me what you want.”

At this point Jeff was on his way to the bathroom. As he was walking into the kitchen this gentle, yet firm voice said these words, “You keep trying to ignore me, and all I want is for you to give me a chance to show myself to you.” As soon as Jeff heard these words, he immediately froze.

“Who is there? Please reveal yourself whoever you are!!!” Jeff asked as his knees were knocking and doing all that he could to not pee on himself.

“It is Me Jesus, whom you have been learning about all week. Don’t be afraid, I am here so that I can prove to you that this is not a joke or a game. I am more real than you can ever imagine. All the things that you see, and touch were all created through me.”

“Why can’t I see you if you are real?” Jeff asked

“Because I’m in another realm. All these questions that you have right now, you will learn from my servants Kenneth and Benny. Submit yourself to my word and let these men guide you.”

Jesus stopped speaking and Jeff immediately ran to bed, and now he couldn’t sleep for other reasons. As he lay there, he began thinking about the message that Benny taught that day. The image of Benny explaining how to get born again kept on popping up in his mind over and over. This annoyed Jeff because he couldn’t understand the purpose of this. It eventually donned on him that he should do what Benny was talking about. He got out of bed and kneeled beside his bed and said, “Jesus, I know that are alive because you just talked to me. I want to live life with you.”

The moment Jeff confessed that, peace over took his life and he began weeping. He didn’t understand why he was weeping, but he knew that this was because of Jesus coming into his life. After that confession he went to sleep immediately and had the best sleep in years.

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